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All you need is a phone to get started

In 3 easy steps record your training video and get real-time analytics, expert feedback and personalised recommendations

Upload or record
your bowling video

Mark the pitch with
easy control handles

Analyse your performance
and improve your game

Real-time Analysis

Get ball-by-ball performance metrics

In real-time get performance metrics for all your training sessions. Understand and improve your game instantly

Skill Progression

See how your game has improved over a period of time

Track your skill progression over a timeline and share it with your friends, family and coaches

Deep dive

Understand your weak areas to put more effort on them

Get a detailed view of your training for feedback from expert coaches and persoanlised recommendations to improve


Tag your training sessions to search for and reflect on them as required

Had a bad day at training or want to add some notes? Tag these sessions, add notes and search for them whenever required to reflect back and take action

I improved my bowling within the first one week of using HomeGround

"HomeGround helped me identify the ball line, length and speed of every session which showed areas of improvement and recommendations"

A Shiva - Aspiring cricketer, Hyderabad

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